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Design Build Development, Inc. (DBD) is an integrated real estate development, building design, and construction company. It was created on the premise that in an ever more complex development environment, the ability to react quickly to changes is essential for stellar performance. Changes can come from new regulations, market conditions, security threats, and financial markets. All these possible variables will impact financial performance, schedules, and project quality. With such uncertainties, having in-house capabilities represents an effective hedge against such factors.
DBD's philosophy is simple. We find a need and fill it. We are engaged in creating value through opportunity buying. We identify properties that need fixing (differed maintenance, physical distress, hillside/foundation issues) and / or are underutilized. Given our extensive engineering expertise, we're able to take on projects that other developers would not approach. By acquiring such properties, we then proceed to fixing, building, improving, repositioning, and / or expanding to create the value. At the completion of the value creation process, we either dispose of the property for profit, or hold it for rental income.

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address: 410 East Cypress Ave., Burbank, CA 91501
email: jr@db-development.com
tel: 818.729.9773 - fax: 818.729.9779

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